Unveiling Seamless Conversations

Jan 27, 2022, 8:00 – 9:00 PM

The new and improved Klaviyo and Gorgias integration is here.

About this event

Get ready for next level customer experiences 

The highly requested Klaviyo and Gorgias integration can help your customers save time, build stronger relationships, and increase revenue. 

Tune in LIVE to hear from Klaviyo CEO, Andrew Bialecki, and Gorgias CEO, Romain Lapeyre, to hear what this new integration means for you. 

The new and improved Gorgias and Klaviyo integration allows marketing and support teams to work better together. This powerful integration automatically creates tickets in the Gorgias help desk when shoppers reply to SMS campaigns sent via Klaviyo. Save time by minimizing back-and-forth work between the platforms, streamline customer support with tickets in a central place, and increase customer satisfaction with quick, helpful support.

What You Get with the Klaviyo & Gorgias Integration:

  • Save time & minimize back-and-forth work

When Gorgias and Klaviyo are connected, support teams have the ability to reply and follow up to every question sent from a customer, even if the customer is responding to an SMS marketing campaign. In turn, marketing teams can feel confident that no questions are left unanswered. No missed conversations, no messy handoffs between marketing and support teams.

  • Streamline support & centralize tickets

With this integration, replies to any Klaviyo SMS campaign will create a ticket in Gorgias allowing support agents to easily reply without switching between platforms. Your customers' full conversation history and ecommerce details are available in the same view, making it quick for your support team to respond and resolve issues.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

When you integrate Gorgias and Klaviyo, it’s easy and efficient for your teams to work together as a single storefront to provide the best support to shoppers. Build stronger customer relationships, engage with your shoppers on a personal level and create personalized experiences by sending targeted marketing campaigns via Klaviyo and offering personalized support via Gorgias.


  • Romain Lapeyre


    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Andrew Bialecki


    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Parker Emerson

    Berkey Filters

    Brand Manager

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