The Ultimate Tech Stack for Customer Loyalty

Jan 17, 8:00 – 9:30 PM

About this event

Loyalty is the most valuable currency as DTC eCommerce brands compete for customer attention. And having a community of repeat shoppers boils down to leveraging the right tools and excellent customer service.

You can’t build loyalty without instilling a sense of commitment between buyer and seller. Plus, fostering loyalty involves providing consistent, personalized service that builds trust and ultimately encourages shoppers to return.

Those things are easier with a well-integrated technology stack.

Unlocking revenue opportunities through a customer loyalty tech stack

Having a reliable collection of software applications and digital tools to help improve customer loyalty for your business is vital. Brands that have good customer loyalty and retention spend less on marketing and have more sales.

These brands often maintain steady growth even during the slowest seasons. And if you want to count your business among them, don't miss this event. After all, creating the ideal technology stack is easier said than done. Some guidance is necessary to save time and get it right on the first try.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Learn about must-have eCommerce tools for boosting customer loyalty
  • Learn about the most important factors to consider as you build your customer loyalty tech stack
  • Learn how to properly test and approve tools you truly need for your day-to-day operations
  • Discover the best ways to balance your tech stack budget against potential ROI


  • Rohan Kapoor


    Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Vaishali Ravi


    Product Marketing Manager

  • Regan Bolotin


    Sr. Customer Success Manager, Mid-Market

  • Noah Small


    Senior Technology Partner Manager

  • Nick Romaya


    Head of Partnerships

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