The Shopify Corner: Navigating Uncertain Landscapes for D2C Brands

Sep 15, 2022, 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Virtual event
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About this event

The pandemic caused plenty of shake-ups in the eCommerce industry. Companies that were already online or equipped for digital mostly thrived while retailers dependent on physical locations struggled to keep their businesses alive. But even with that, brands could still look forward to an optimistic future.

However, now that the pandemic is all but over and the war in Ukraine continues, that optimistic picture is upended. The new reality is one with much uncertainty. Will the current sales volume remain the same? Is another wave of COVID likely? Is a recession coming? These questions and more plague executives.

Strengthening your business against uncertainty

DTC eCommerce brands need to adopt a future-proof strategy if they intend to survive whatever comes. Future-proofing your strategies and systems can help you get ahead of the competition and ensure lasting success.

Depending on your brand's overall situation, the process could involve upgrading your infrastructure or acquiring new eCommerce tools. Either way, the objective is to ensure your business will have continued value and success in the future.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Receive the best tips and recommendations for navigating uncertain business landscapes as an eCommerce brand
  • Learn how to identify and fix broken or subpar systems that may be hindering your growth
  • Discover the current challenges DTC eCommerce brands face and what trends will likely remain for the short and long term
  • Learn about the consumer spending and behavior trends you should care about most


  • Rohan Kapoor


    Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager

  • Dan Anand


    Tech Partner Manager

  • Greg Bauman


    Director of Ecosystem Partnerships

  • Mark Sinclair


    Merchant Success Manager

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