Scalable CX - A guide to growth and retention through peak periods

Nov 15, 2022, 12:00 – 1:30 AM

About this event

Company growth is top of mind as peak periods approach. But DTC eCommerce brands must also adjust to new trends and greater competition. Most consumers today have higher experience standards. More people would rather defect to the competition than remain with a company after just one bad experience.

So DTC eCommerce brands must prioritize CX for the best results. Scaling through CX can be the catalyst you need to attract and retain more customers during peak periods. Conversely, brands that neglect CX and continue to provide lackluster experiences risk losing their competitive edge.

Setting up for scalable CX to foster growth and customer retention

Most eCommerce brands that are set up for scalable CX remain adaptable and high-achieving regardless of circumstances that may arise. CX is also central to a brand’s revenue scaling strategy. After all, to scale necessitates world-class customer support and service.

Top-notch CX will help your customers feel more supported and simplify scaling. The road to improving your CX will involve being available to customers in all possible ways, including email, SMS, voice, live chat, social media, and others.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Learn how to achieve scalable CX to drive growth and retention for your business
  • Discover how an optimized CX strategy increases your ability to serve and support more customers effectively – without needing to hire more agents
  • Learn how to enable various support methods to meet customer communication preferences efficiently
  • See how AI-driven CX can increase AOV and customer retention


  • Joel Tregoning


    Strategic Partner Manager

  • Kate Massey


    Head of APAC

  • Jess Mirabello


    Senior Partner Manager APAC

  • Airi Sutherland


    Head of Digital and Marketing

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