Reducing Customer Acquisition Cost in 5 Easy Steps

Feb 18, 2022, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Join us LIVE to make a significant impact on your eCommerce business.

About this event

Running a DTC eCommerce business is an investment. A considerable part of a brand’s resource goes into driving traffic and convincing prospects into becoming customers. All of that contributes to raising CAC (customer acquisition cost).

The higher the CAC, the less profitable the business. That’s why many brands strive to lower CAC while maintaining revenue. But how do you reduce CAC and boost your bottom line?

Charting a course for reducing CAC and increasing ROI

The first step to dealing with the problem is knowing your true CAC. It’s not just marketing spend that goes into the calculation of CAC. Employee salaries, overhead, paid marketing, tools, and anything else relevant to your company all factor into calculating CAC.

You can only develop a plan for decreasing CAC once you have an accurate cost. An ideal CAC is something much lower than the CLV (customer lifetime value). For example, a CLV to CAC ratio of 5:1 is excellent.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Uncover ways to leverage marketing automation to decrease CAC.
  • Discover how to increase the number of new customers acquired with the same spend.
  • CAC has a significant and direct impact on your revenue. Isolating the fastest ways to reduce CAC will ultimately increase your profits.


  • Zach Bailey


    Plus Customer Success Strategist

  • Mia Bobak

    Triple Whale

    Head of Partnerships

  • Ryan Boonstra


    Associate Director, Enterprise Sales

  • Magda Houalla


    Director of Marketing Strategy

  • Lisa Popovici


    Co - Founder and CMO

  • Chris Lavoie


    Tech Partner Manager Lead

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