How to WOW Your Customers With Personalized CX

Tech Masterclass
Thu, Aug 18, 3:00 PM (EDT)

Join us LIVE to start selling more and increase customer retention with personalized CX.

About this event

DTC eCommerce brands continue to experience shifts in consumer purchasing behavior and expectations. As such, brands need to adjust to these changes constantly, and the best way to do that is by adopting a strong focus on CX personalization.

Personalized CX helps companies better understand their customer journey and behavior and cater to customer needs in the best way possible. It’s how you create a true difference that competitors cannot copy – and your best chance at customer retention.

Your customers want personalized CX

Research show consumers are more likely to buy from brands that provide great CX online and offline across departments. This is because people want personalized and frictionless experiences. However, it takes more than a digital storefront to offer it.

Every business tool, channel, and communication influences CX and how customers behave with your brand. Personalized CX will create opportunities to generate more revenues. With it, you can gather more accurate data and use that information to make better decisions and foster brand loyalty.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Discover the most effective and efficient ways to scale your eCommerce business through personalized CX
  • Learn about the best personalization tools on the market right now for DTC eCommerce brands
  • See how personalized CX unlocks marketing opportunities and helps brands generate more revenue
  • Learn how personalized CX reduces churn and increases sales