How To Analyze Customer Support Data to Improve CX

May 12, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

About this event

Evaluating customer support data is crucial to enhancing customer experience (CX). Many successful D2C brands analyze every interaction to understand customer needs and expectations better, resulting in improved CX strategies, customer loyalty, and retention.

Customer support data also helps companies identify behaviors, what’s working, and any aspects that need improvement. Unfortunately, many brands still lack the right tools or aren’t aware of how to start leveraging customer support data.

Improving your CX through customer support analysis

The movers and shakers of the D2C industry all invest heavily in technologies to help understand customers more deeply and achieve superior CX. Customer support analysis will help close the gap between consumer expectations and support quality. It can help any brand identify recurring issues and address each one efficiently.

The leveraging of customer support data also makes organizations more consumer-centric, leading to more sales opportunities. Customer support data analysis is truly transforming the art and science of CX.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Learn how to use customer support data to better understand the customers’ journey and identify opportunities to improve CX.
  • Discover how to use qualitative data for CX optimization efficiently.
  • Learn how to track and use customer support quantitative metrics to gain a CX advantage.
  • Discover AI-driven tools that will help you sort vast amounts of qualitative and quantitative data for CX improvement.
  • Join us LIVE for actionable insights and little-known tips about leveraging customer support data to improve your CX.


  • Mia Bobak

    Triple Whale

    Head of Partnerships

  • Karley Daudell


    Sr. Partner Manager - Tech Partners

  • Jon Pruitt


    VP of Partnerships

  • Natasha Nema


    Strategic Partner Account Manager

  • Hanna Stanhouse


    Senior Deployment Manager

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