From BFCM to Beyond: How to build long-term customer loyalty

Aug 30, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Join us LIVE to take your BFCM sales and customer retention to the next level.

About this event

DTC eCommerce brands know how significant BFCM sales contribute to their annual revenue. It’s a time when consumers are searching for the best deals and special offers. So businesses attract many first-time customers on top of regular patrons, resulting in immense sales.

For some DTC brands, BFCM makes up over 30 percent of their yearly revenue. The only challenge is retaining those new customers, as many never return.

Moving BFCM shoppers from one-time buyers to loyal customers

Getting tons of customers during BFCM only to have most disappear isn’t fun. But the good news is you can turn things around by thinking long-term about customer loyalty.

That requires strategic planning and implementations that go beyond the initial sales event. It involves improving the customer experience, ensuring it’s seamless and engaging throughout the customer journey.

What you'll get from the event

  • Discover the things that drive BFCM shoppers besides discounts or special offers that you can leverage in your business.
  • Uncover little-known truths about the BFCM customer journey that can transform your marketing efforts.
  • Learn how to deliver exceptional customer experiences that leave a lasting impression and motivate repeat purchases.
  • See how top brands maintain consistent, value-driven communication with customers post-BFCM to ensure their stores remain top of mind.
  • Learn how to create a robust customer loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases.


  • Danielle Butera


    Partner Manager

  • Lauren Lovato


    Commercial Partner Manager

  • Zach Tift

    Sandhill Digital

    Director of Client Strategy and Success

  • Adnan Shah


    Tech Partner Manager

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