Building a Seamless Customer Journey: Pre and Post-Purchase

Apr 20, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

About this event

Focusing on the customer journey is how you create experiences that keep customers returning for more. It's how brands gain vital insights into what consumers want, allowing for product delivery and customer service improvements, among others.

But today's consumers are demanding much more from DTC eCommerce brands. They expect exceptional customer journeys from pre-purchase to post-purchase and across every channel.

Crafting the perfect customer Journey and creating experiences that last

Focusing on delivering great end-to-end customer journeys helps DTC eCommerce brands maximize customer retention, average order value, and revenues. And while most brands know of these benefits, many fall short because the focus on the customer journey drops after the purchase.

However, the customer journey doesn't end; it continues. CX isn't about the lowest price or best deal. It's about providing seamless, personalized experiences, from custom offers to tailored customer service – beyond purchase and post-purchase – on a continuous cycle.

What you'll get from the event

  • Learn how to craft a customer journey map that enhances CX
  • Uncover best practices and intelligent tools for engaging customers throughout the entire journey – pre and post-purchase
  • Discover clever ways to optimize experiences for better retention and higher conversions
  • Learn how to efficiently pinpoint key areas in the customer journey where improvement is needed
  • Discover practical ways to measure the success of your customer journey


  • Pallavi Malhotra


    Tech Partner Manager

  • Mia Bobak

    Triple Whale

    Head of Partnerships

  • Gabe Macaluso


    Director of Customer Success

  • Jordan Brown



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