5 Tools used by the Biggest Shopify Brands to Increase CSAT & Retention

Sep 29, 2022, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Virtual event
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About this event

Customer service and experience are even more critical in today’s highly competitive eCommerce landscape. They are the primary indicator of whether a brand is succeeding, and CSAT is one of the most critical customer satisfaction metrics measured.

Tracking CSAT is the best way to take action based on customer feedback and sentiment – which leads to more satisfied customers that turn into loyal patrons. But how can you improve CSAT and retention?

Taking CSAT and retention to the next level with the right tools

Without proper tools, you can't measure, properly track, and improve CSAT. The right tools also make identifying the aspects of your business that require improvement easier. However, too many CSAT tools are available, making it tricky to choose one.

Pick the wrong combination of tools, and you could waste your resource. But choose the right tools, and you could be on your way to experiencing the most successful growth times ever for your business. Thankfully, you can use the most successful brands in DTC eCommerce as a shortcut to acquiring the best tools.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Discover the tools helping the biggest brands improve CSAT and retention
  • Learn about specific tools that foster good quality communication and prevent customer service disasters
  • Learn about the best tools for enhancing customer service and CX
  • Learn how large brands use multi-channel strategies to improve customer delight and streamline order management and delivery processes


  • Dillon Duchesne


    Head of Business Development & Partnerships

  • Vaishali Ravi


    Product Marketing Manager

  • Max Markowitz


    Senior DTC Account Executive

  • Steph Carcamo


    Customer Success Manager

  • Attila Armos


    Senior Customer Success Manager

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