5 Tools to Scale Your CX Program with Personalization

Apr 27, 2023, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

About this event

Personalization is critical to a great CX program. Without personalization, your customers can feel unheard or undervalued, leading to a drop in customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.

But it's challenging to implement a scalable CX program with personalization. This is because DTC eCommerce brands must personalize the experience without making things feel intrusive or uncomfortable for customers. And that's where tools can help immensely.

Enhancing CX by leveraging the right technologies

DTC eCommerce brands need to know their customers' preferences, wants, and needs intimately to provide the best possible experiences. That requires collecting data, which isn't possible without the right tools – especially at a time when consumers use multiple platforms for the same purposes.

In other words, you need proper systems to track and store relevant customer information. Then use that information to improve CX and create positive customer perceptions about the brand ethically. This webinar event will cover the top 5 tools leading DTC eCommerce brands use to create exceptional CX programs.

What you'll get from the event

  • Discover 5 top tools for scaling your CX program with personalization and how they fit into strategies
  • Learn how to develop efficient and effective customer-centric processes
  • Gain valuable insights on how personalization enhances the customer journey
  • Uncover smart ways to implement personalized experiences in your business


  • Marco Shinouda


    Partner Development Associate

  • Michael Epstein


    Co-Founder & Co-CEO

  • Lisa Popovici


    Co - Founder and CMO

  • Riya Jindal


    Technology Partnerships Manager

  • Jon Knott


    Senior Partner Manager

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