5 Tools to scale your CX Program for the Holidays

Oct 18, 2023, 6:45 – 8:00 PM

Join us LIVE to discover the secrets to scaling CX effortlessly during the festive period and beyond.

About this event

While full of opportunity, the holiday season presents unique challenges for DTC eCommerce brands aiming to provide top-tier customer experiences. Some of the most concerning are: customers have higher expectations, and their touchpoints continue multiplying.

Brands must keep up with this ever-evolving landscape. So it’s imperative to equip your business with the right tools not just to handle the rush but build lasting relationships and increase customer retention. But how do you know what to adopt?

Scaling your CX program for a lucrative holiday season

There’s more to handling the holiday season than adding more hands on deck. The influx of customers means a greater demand for seamless experiences that DTC eCommerce brands must meet despite logistical pressures.

Some vital factors influencing CX during the holidays include quality, site navigation, customer service, response times, processes, and timely deliveries. This webinar will explore top strategies and introduce you to tools that help brands tackle the load — ensuring efficient service and great CX.

What you'll get from the event

  • Learn practical approaches to integrating and scaling with the right CX tools
  • Discover the most intricate components of an effective CX strategy tailored for the holiday season
  • Uncover elite tools changing the CX game for top companies worldwide
  • Get exclusive insights from industry experts about common pitfalls and best practices when scaling CX operations


  • Molly Meetz


    Director of CX

  • Michael Klonoff


    Tech Partner Manager

  • Cole Prentice


    Partner Enablement Manager

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