5 Mobile Commerce Trends To Dominate in 2023

Dec 8, 2022, 8:00 – 9:30 PM

About this event

DTC eCommerce brands must keep up with trends as consumer expectations evolve alongside business tactics and technologies. And one of the most anticipated shake-ups in 2023 is mobile commerce.

It’s fast becoming the preferred shopping channel for consumers thanks to the market penetration of smartphones. More people than ever will have one on hand in 2023, with more than half expected to shop with their devices. But you’ll need to know what’s to come to get your DTC eCommerce brand ready.

Steering your ship on the path to mobile shopping success

There are two trends every business can count on each year. These are changes in consumer behavior and innovation – because retail evolves fast (online or offline). Technological innovations and shifting consumer expectations will trigger changes in mobile commerce.

And being aware of trends will help steer your brand’s strategic direction and improve CX. This event will help you stay on top of the mobile commerce trends that could impact your continued success if left unchecked.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Discover the future of mobile shopping and what you can do right now to optimize your business
  • Learn about the five most critical mobile commerce trends to watch in 2023 — so you can remain several steps ahead
  • Uncover other noteworthy mobile commerce trends that may also shake up the DTC eCommerce industry
  • Learn about the consumer shopping patterns brands should anticipate and how to leverage each for growth


  • Michaela Deneva


    Sr. Partner Enablement Manager

  • Mat Bingham


    Head of Technology Partnerships

  • Elizabeth Cruz


    Senior Director, Merchant Success

  • Noah Small


    Senior Technology Partner Manager

  • Jon Knott


    Senior Partnership Manager

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