5 Key Elements to a Successful Ecom Data Strategy

Jul 28, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Learn how to craft the perfect data strategy to increase your profits!

About this event

5 Key Elements to a Successful Ecom Data Strategy

Every DTC eCommerce store needs a data strategy. Data is an excellent source for valuable insights about shopper behaviour, which can help brands raise conversions and boost engagement.

Today companies can collect an unprecedented level of data thanks to social media and mobile technology. The key is knowing how to collect, process, and analyze data in ways that enhance business growth and profitability.

Developing your eCommerce Data Strategy

It’s critical that brands first align business objectives and challenges with data collection. From there, identifying the types of data to collect and how to use it to drive business performance becomes easier.

Your data strategy will set the foundation for how your organization collects, stores, manage, and uses data to enable and inspire business strategy. While every data strategy is unique to the given organization, they generally consist of five key elements.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Determine the most critical data to collect that will help your business meet objectives
  • Learn how to collect data the right way, ensuring your company aligns with government laws and regulations
  • Discover ways to maximize the value of data.
  • An eCommerce data strategy will help ensure your company is never making decisions in the dark. With data, subjective assumptions and guesswork is removed, making it possible to grow faster.


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