5 Ecomm Tools For Building a Fashion & Apparel Brand

Sep 23, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

About this event

There are many considerations necessary for success in eCommerce fashion & apparel. One of those considerations is tools that enable growth, and brands must continue investing in the right tools.

ECommerce tools enable various aspects of operating an online store, such as personalized recommendations, live chat, and virtual fitting rooms. The best eCommerce tools help fashion & apparel brands stand out from their competitors and get noticed by consumers.

Building a stronger fashion & apparel brand

It seems running an eCommerce business becomes challenging each year because brands must meet ever-changing consumer experience demands. Not to mention that the consumer journey is a lot more complex than ever, encompassing varying online and offline touchpoints.

Every fashion & apparel brand needs solutions that will help the company grow. Specifically, tools that allow the brand to attract and retain customers, including improving overall efficiency and effectiveness. Without tools, keeping up with today’s consumer journey and reaching your maximum revenue potential is more challenging.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Find out exactly what tools are worth your investment before you waste time and money with trial and error.
  • Learn about crucial considerations before applying any eCommerce tool.
  • Uncover top tools used by 7-figure eCommerce brands.


  • Doug Hollinger


    VP of Strategy

  • Albert Liu

    Dynamic Yield

    Channel Director

  • Katya Allison


    Director, content

  • James Hawkins


    Senior Loyalty Consultant

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