Maximizing Customer Experience with Your eCommerce Team: A Guide to Hiring and Growing Your CS Team

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00 PM UTC

Join us LIVE to enhance your CX strategy, maximize outcomes, and increase customer loyalty and sales.

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About this event

In the competitive world of DTC eCommerce, delivering an exceptional customer experience is no longer optional — it's a necessity. And your CS team plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer experiences.

These people interact directly with customers and represent your brand. In many companies, the CS team is the most equipped to enable exceptional CX and drive revenue growth. But how can you build and grow a CS team that exceeds customers' expectations?

Supercharging the customer experience in your DTC eCommerce business

CS teams ultimately shape consumer perception, but building an effective one is challenging. The steps you take will determine how the department grows and its impact on your organization for years to come. The process requires strategic hiring, the right tools, in-depth training, and a commitment to growth and development, among others.

In this webinar, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of hiring and growing a stellar CS team that can elevate your CX and increase revenues.

What you'll get from the event

  • Uncover the key traits to look for when hiring for your CS team and insightful ways to retain top talent.
  • Learn how to effectively align your CS team with company culture and values to help maximize CX.
  • Discover how the most successful brands enable comprehensive training and continuous learning.
  • Learn about the most significant CS team challenges and how to overcome each one.
  • Learn how to effectively measure your CS team's success and its impact on CX.