How to Streamline CX Processes for 2023

Dec 7, 2022, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

About this event

The eCommerce industry continues to trend upward, and, in a way, so are consumer demands and expectations. People want the brands they patronize to provide excellent experiences throughout touchpoints, even after the sale. So offering quality CX is a necessity, not optional.

Consumers care about more than the quality of your products. They also care deeply about the quality of experience received during interactions. That’s what truly differentiates DTC brands from competing offers. But reaching exceptional levels in CX is extremely challenging without streamlining processes.

Streamlining CX and delivering customer-centric experiences

Today CX is the most critical factor for brand growth overall. The success of online stores has little to do with their marketing tactics. Rather, their relentless focus on delivering exceptional CX makes all the difference. CX improves customers' enjoyment when interacting with your business and its products, which impacts all core areas.

Additionally, DTC brands that streamline CX successfully improve key metrics faster, such as loyalty, referral volume, AOV, CLV, etc. That’s why practically every top-performing executive in the DTC space views a focus on CX as vital to compete.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Learn how to streamline CX to deliver better, smarter, and faster customer-centric experiences
  • Discover the top tools used by the most successful DTC brands to streamline CX and tips for implementing each
  • See how streamlining CX can create frictionless experiences that reduce customer churn
  • Learn how to determine the tools you truly need for CX and strip unnecessary ones from your tech stack


  • Lauren Lovato


    Commercial Partner Manager

  • Kevin Zyskowski



  • Jacob Millorino


    Channel Partner Manager

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