3 Traps Entrepreneurs Make When They Sell Their Business

Jul 27, 2021, 4:00 – 5:15 PM

Join us LIVE to ensure you’re ready when the perfect buyer approaches you with an offer

About this event

Deciding to exit a DTC eCommerce business is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will ever make. It’s also a tricky endeavour, especially if the owner wants the best sale price possible.

However, entrepreneurs often make detrimental mistakes when selling their company and lose out in the process. But mistakes are avoidable and manageable when you know what they are – and how to respond if an error does occur.

Don’t risk leaving money on the table

Knowing all the potential mistakes you might make when selling your business is a critical aspect of advance planning, which is an absolute necessity. Selling a company is rarely ever easy, and it often takes a considerable amount of time.

No potential buyer wants to make the wrong deal, so they’ll poke around or look inside every aspect of your business. Without planning, you can’t address their most important questions, making a successful sale unlikely.

What you’ll get from the event

  • Learn about the most common mistakes to avoid when selling an eCommerce business.
  • Discover the different buyer types and determine the ideal one for your endeavour.
  • Uncover the most critical aspects to review before committing to an offer.
  • You must make information your ally during the entire process. Lack of quality information about potential pitfalls is behind many of the challenges and frustrations sellers face.


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